Some Thoughts on Taking Personal Charge of Safety in Emergencies

This week’s Hurricane Irene and the governmental authorities reactions and orderings of some tens of millions of people to “get the hell off the beach” and such like imperious orders as New Jersey’s governor was quoted as giving lead not to “public safety”, but public panic, confusion, and or public doubt and mistrust and are not helpful, but they bring up the issue of personal education being the most critical responsibility for each of us.

We have also the pronouncement that was totally false by Christine Whitman of the EPA telling 911 Rescue workers that the AIR was SAFE to BREATHE. Trusting that statement was a bad decision as they found to their chagrin, vexation, and mortification when so many of them became sickened from their exposures with cancers, respiratory infections, and lungs filled with asbestos, concrete, wood, plastics, and bone fragments that were pulverized into powder that hung in the atmosphere for weeks.

There are many times when we have to come off automatic pilot mode and make choices to protect ourselves and our families immediately. It’s is natural instinct to do so, but we have been brain washed to trust the authorities instead of our God given 1st thoughts to take care as good stewards fully capable of making our own decisions.

This video confirms a previous post that I made about employees in Tokyo being pressured to stay during the Fukushima radiation rains.   (Also my March, 2011, archive contains a lot of my personal reading on nuclear power plants, here  ).

The video below also brings in focus how governments made the decisions to not warn about radiation and how individuals were scolded for deciding to leave the area. Also pointing out the folly of trusting government to keep safety of people paramount in their choice to bring back the 10,000 military family personnel into Tokyo zone after having evacuated them outside the fallout zones without any tests to see if it was safe to come back. That must have made these families feel safe, but were they, are they now? Fukushima is still  out of control and spewing invisible radiation.

Sadly people aren’t as important as diplomatic relations.  This illustrates how we must THINK for ourselves and keep informed and educate ourselves and our children. We cannot leave it up to the governments who rule us, we have to make them accountable so that they will not withhold critical information.

Today we are being left wide open to many dangers because of corruption in the highest offices not being prosecuted. We cannot allow them to falsely cry, “FIRE” in the theatre, “TERRORIST” under the bed, nor “Calm down everything is fine,” when a true danger is threatening.

It is time to question every word officials utter and discipline them so that they respect those to whom they owe their power. They should fear the people as our founding fathers so rightly believed at the beginning of this republic form of government. Otherwise it fails everyone. Yet ultimately each person has the responsibility to take care and judge rightly from wisdom that comes from knowing the true Authority of the universe. As Tocqueville wrote, our form of government cannot stand without a belief in God to govern our hearts.



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