Criminality is Not Revolution

Above link iterates that the chaos of the lower class against the merchant/middle class is NOT a legitimate revolution AND NOT the answer to our economic meltdowns around the world.

Those at top of the world banking system especially want to destroy the remaining middle class of the developed world countries. The pressures upon the currencies of the world, especially the dollar and the euro, are contracting their buying power, jobs evaporating, and causing the planned implosion of the poor to create envy in their hearts toward their middle class brethren who are themselves struggling to keep their small businesses solvent against increasing taxation and regulation. To lose it all in flames and looting to ignorant government fed and created mobs is the ultimate degradation of the work ethic of upward mobility.


Reprobate minds have only hate for God’s creation. They define the word’s meaning, having lost all ability to reason or judge correctly, so don’t expect any of their goals to make sense. Picture washing of hands in consent with wickedness and the sealing of conscience that follows that act and you’ll get the understanding of the monstrosities being perpetrated by those who control the purse strings of this corrupt world order that is being brought into being.

Our Heavenly Father, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, fill us with the Holy Spirit, I pray for every member of your church through the entire world, shed your tender mercies upon us and create in us the mind of Christ and the love that He showed us through the cross to our salvation, in His name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Thy will be done.


2 thoughts on “Criminality is Not Revolution

  1. Hi Musemater,

    I agree that the whole class war/class envy stuff is being manipulated onto the masses by tptb, and unfortunately many people are foolishly believing the lies and manipulations, not realizing that when they “kill the golden goose” they are sealing their own destruction. We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past over and over…if only people would brush up on the Bolshevik Revolution and it's aftermath. I heard that the definition for insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. That sounds about right.

  2. Hi Susan, the middle class is such a unique class of “richness”, having choices of where to live, how to live, what to eat, how to raise our children, how to believe, all these come out of having that “enough” that comes with being in the middle class.

    It is a sad thing to watch that be bled away.


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