Men In Black Movie Is Right, Real News is in the "Trashpapers"!!!

Some interesting reading in trashy British tabloid, they have some real nuggets buried in their pop reportage, (I don’t recommend the paper, just followed a link from Drudgereport).

What some of our government representatives are doing for summer vacation;
A fifth of all congressmen taking paid-for holidays to Israel this summer By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 10:22 AM on 8th August 2011

A fifth of all congressmen taking paid-for holidays to Israel this summer

 By Daily Mail Reporter (UK)
8th August 2011


Is  this reported in the “legitimate” mainstream US news media? Are we uninterested? Yes, I know congressional junkets and freebie trips for so called foreign educational purposes are common practice.

But these members of our government (who don’t have the backbone or will to take the reigns from the central bankers and credit raters to rescue our US economy) do not deserve anything other than to be sent to their homes to sit in the corner IMHO.

I don’t think they’re just floating around on the Dead Sea or going to Bethlehem, sorry, I just don’t see them as that devout. Thank You’s to US Congressmen could be forgone in my opinion, if Israel’s politicians are truly grateful to the US they could just write a check to our bankrupt Treasury and give a back bit of the billions we give them each year. In case somebody missed it we are bankrupted at the federal level.

Nothing is free, not even the air. I wonder what the 80 will be giving back to their gracious hosts? Please tell me they don’t want us to go into another “kinetic action”!



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