Monsanto, Leave My Table & Garden Alone! I Don’t Want Your GM Seeds!

Do they think they’re god?

They must!

NEWS FLASH!             MONSATAN!    (Do believe that’s your proper name, Monsanto).

I LIKE MY FOODS WITHOUT POISONS!  If it kills pests & weeds, it kills animals and people too. There is no need for your frankenfoods, God has made an infinite variety of squash, corn, tomatoes, and every good thing to eat.  


3 thoughts on “Monsanto, Leave My Table & Garden Alone! I Don’t Want Your GM Seeds!

  1. This is one company I pray daily that God will bring to complete ruin. It is an evil entity and is indeed Mon”satan”o. I can hardly eat sweet corn now because I fear most of it is genetically modified, but once in a while I find someone out there with a little bit of knowledge who plants heirloom seeds. I'm sure that will become harder to do in the years ahead (if we have very many).


  2. Hi Ma & Kim, Praying in Jesus name that our heavenly Father will keep the heirlooms available to us. I sometimes want to create my own seed bank, but it would be a giant task and I don't know a great deal about how. You have to do it right or they won't be viable. Learning some, but it is just a few companies left in the US who haven't sold out. Baker Seed, and Southern Seed Exchange are 2 I've used.

    King Corn, I don't remember seeing it, I'll check.


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