Unamerican American Businesses Have No Shame Over Taking Jobs to China

??????????????With a straight face corporations tell us dispassionately about their massive pullouts from American shores. Nothing but profits matters. So shameless, …………………………


Boston Scientific Corp. said yesterday that it plans to eliminate 1,200 to 1,400 jobs worldwide during the next 2 1/2 years to free money for new investments, the Natick medical device maker’s second major round of cuts since last year.

The company would not say how many jobs will be lost in Massachusetts, where fewer than 2,000 of its 25,000 employees are based. In February 2010, Boston Scientific said it would pare 1,300 jobs worldwide, but similarly did not say where.

Yesterday’s move, a day after Boston Scientific disclosed it was investing $150 million and hiring 1,000 people in China, raised fears that the company will gradually shift more work to foreign sites with less government oversight and lower costs than the United States.

“I’ve asked for information on where they are cutting jobs,’’ said state Senator James B. Eldridge, an Acton Democrat. He has proposed so-called clawback legislation that would allow the state to recover money from businesses that receive tax breaks here – including Boston Scientific – and then reduce their workforces.

“My sense is, sadly, that like many other American companies, they are shedding jobs in Massachusetts and adding jobs overseas,’’ Eldridge said. “And this is a company making greater profits, so it’s even more outrageous.’’
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3 thoughts on “Unamerican American Businesses Have No Shame Over Taking Jobs to China

  1. Hi Musemater,

    Have you ever read “Tragedy and Hope” by Carroll Quigley?

    I'll post on it soon, even in the introduction, there are some sobering words that are stated very bluntly and directly. I tried reading it about a year ago and got sidetracked, and just started it again today (actually technically yesterday…it's after midnite) and the words are ringing all my alarm bells, and ringing true.

    I'll post on it soon, I hope…

  2. Hi Ma and Susan, Yes anybody who has a job is very fortunate, so hard to find with these things going on.

    I have only read excerpts of Tragedy & Hope”, need to read it entire too. It's truly shocking how every plan is published, just getting people to read though, is tough even when it's just a 2 page printout!

    And there is so much to read! But it all dovetails together.


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