Natural Gas Fracking Articles Question Water Quality, Radioactivity, Cost to Benefit, + Is It Another Bubble?

 I’ve written and posted here at thus far 68 times Labeled, “Oil”,
 about petroleum products and the problems that come with their use and our dependence upon them. I spent most of last summer following the Gulf Coast Macondo Oil Spill Disaster and found many shocking facts about the geology of the Gulf of Mexico;


 My previous post
 was a mini history video by James Corbett of why we have been beholden to the industry for over 100 years.

It is my layman’s opinion after a year of trying to get a handle upon the questions that we should be asking WHY? our government would rather go into multiple oil producing countries and forcefully take control of their oil industries than to come clean with the American public about the unholy alliance with corporations and banks who profit from our addiction to oil related products.


Here is a government fact filled report that the oil industry would rather the public NOT know anything about;
 Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (In Oil and Gas Deposits).


University of Georgia oceanographer Samantha Joye has been thrust into the uncomfortable position of defending the Gulf against the perception that the environmental disaster is over.


Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at Louisiana State University, Ed Overton, who has been criticized for downplaying the effects of the worst offshore oil spill in history, has also headed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s chemical hazard assessment team for over 25 years.

Dubious Questions About Natural Gas Fracking from NY Times

Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush
Published: June 25, 2011
As investment floods into shale wells, concerns about their productivity are spurring talk of a bubble.

If the industry does not live up to expectations, the impact will be felt widely. Federal and state lawmakers are considering drastically increasing subsidies for the natural gas business in the hope that it will provide low-cost energy for decades to come.

But if natural gas ultimately proves more expensive to extract from the ground than has been predicted, landowners, investors and lenders could see their investments falter, while consumers will pay a price in higher electricity and home heating bills.

There are implications for the environment, too. The technology used to get gas flowing out of the ground — called hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking — can require over a million gallons of water per well, and some of that water must be disposed of because it becomes contaminated by the process. If shale gas wells fade faster than expected, energy companies will have to drill more wells or hydrofrack them more often, resulting in more toxic waste.

We see through reading the whole article that the first concern is the economics of it all, the health and welfare of the public is only lightly questioned, instead it seems the report believes the MONEY is what is paramount.

In the above paragraph quote, “and some of that water must be disposed of because it becomes contaminated by the process.” It is wholly disingenuous to use the phrase, “contaminated by the process”, when the reality is detailed in the government’s own report, linked above, of just how RADIOACTIVE that water becomes and remains and how disposal of it gets into the groundwater, our drinking and bathing waters, and beach, fishing, and boating waters!

(As Super Sidekick Robin might say, “Holy Slow Boat to Fukushima, Batman!”

Haven’t we been beaten about the head that fresh water is RARE and PRECIOUS!  Are we not experiencing double talk and opposing messages when we are told that we MUST for the sake of “modern life” allow oil and gas companies free reign to use that same water to extract their products? Leaving the once useable RARE and PRECIOUS WATER contaminated (polluted) with RADIOACTIVITY?

There has to be a better way! 

Now we learn that our US Congress who can pass laws when they want to, but can’t “find the time” when they have corporate concerns, have opened up the Alaskan oil fields that have been waiting 40 years ready to pump at the right price. Now that we have the Middle East countries embroiled in our “war against terrorism” we are on the verge of cutting ourselves out of their oil. This would inevitably cause oil prices to skyrocket and make US gas and oil fields able to charge what they will surely tell us,is necessary for them to be able to “afford” to operate at a profit. (They’ll never admit that this has been their plan all along to wait until the maximum profit opportunity). Said oil corporations are also in bed with the banks, it is all in the family. 

Obama to open Alaska petroleum reserve to new drilling
The broad energy plan, coming as gas prices continue to rise, would also fast-track environmental assessment of petroleum exploration elsewhere.
May 14, 2011|By Neela Banerjee, Washington Bureau

President Obama will open Alaska’s national petroleum reserve to new drilling, as part of a broad plan aimed at blunting criticism that he is not doing enough to address rising energy prices.

The plan, unveiled in Obama’s weekly radio address Saturday, also would fast-track environmental assessment of petroleum exploration in some portions of the Atlantic and extend the leases of oil companies whose work in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic Ocean was interrupted by the drilling moratorium after last year’s BP oil spill.


 We should be soooooooooo grateful!


So to our rescue come the oil corporations and the same people who polluted our Gulf of Mexico! British Petroleum!  WHOO! WHOO!

Are we suckers or WHAT???



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