Meat is for Adults, Israel is Killing Protesters, Israeli Lobby Pushing Globalism & Restriction of 2nd Amendment

Brainwashed Americans have been taught to support Israel or lose God’s blessing. How long before the true Christian church members come out of the propaganda that Israel can do no wrong? The leaders of the country of Israel today aren’t Godly national leaders restored to their homeland. In the Old Testament God restored the Jews after their repentance. There has been no return to God, neither by their leadership nor by the vast majority of the citizens, the only ones who are in God’s will are the Messianic believers in Jesus Christ.

Most of my life I was taught the heresy that Israel can do no wrong. This is a false teaching that ought not to be so any longer for Christians who have taken the meat of the Gospel. Milky Christians are lead, as I was, to unquestioningly put the nation of Israel on a pedestal.

This is my considered opinion that the country of Israel is of this world just as surely as any other nation. The restoration in prophecy is yet to come so why do we get told to accept any atrocity this 1948 begun country does? War not peace is it’s mission.

Do we not remember who the chosen are? Whosoever believeth on the Only Begotten Son of God. My thoughts are mine. God will have a remnant of his choosing, it will not be made up of an earthly Israel, but individuals who come to acknowledge Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the previously rejected, as their Messiah.

Here are Alex Jones’ thoughts not the same as mine, but on related aspects of the actions of Israel this week.


2 thoughts on “Meat is for Adults, Israel is Killing Protesters, Israeli Lobby Pushing Globalism & Restriction of 2nd Amendment

  1. Hello Musemater,

    I agree with much of what Alex is saying. I'm glad he is coming around to seeing that all governments are the problem, all including Israel. Now if he could just see that us having guns or being able to do something that will change the situation for the better is futile, I will be in more agreement with him. I think many who call themselves Christians identify in the way AJ thinks as what would bring solutions to the problems…but by “getting rid of the b#stards we have to be able to substitute them with something better, and because we are all human, we would put other b#stards in their place and continue on with the same problems as before.

    There is only one solution, and gun ownership is not it.

    I understand that people who are still only thinking of solutions that involve self doing the doing, are not going to fully get it that we are unable to correct the world's problems. Only God can do that, and in the meantime, it is good to keep our eyes on what is going on, yet always with keeping our eyes on what God is doing, and what He is going to do.

    I know you know that Muse 😉

  2. Hi Susan,
    I wish all the professing Christians would inconvenience themselves a little and just stop buying, watching, and/or putting up with the pollutions and abuses and outright wicked activities going on around us and to us.

    I can't get over the willingness to submit to and tolerate the outrageous assaults on our dignities with no thought of how it affects their posterity. Wouldn't the TSA back off if everyone stopped flying until they stopped their xrays & frisks? I have no need to fly, so maybe that's simplistic?

    Power always corrupts, governing always leads to abuse, but the 501c3 churches don't say anything, that's frustrating. No walking the walk, and now no talking the talk for fear of losing tax deduction status.

    Most members of these don't even know their Bible, what do they know about the law? They scare me with their tea party, just what ARE they doing other than exchanging one type of narcissistic rule for another.

    The whole American way of life is one big idol, on the same level with God, and most of the time above, telling God to sit in the back seat.

    I agree that warring is not the solution, and God is our defender. I pray for his guidance.

    We eat deer, turkey, & goose, etc. good clean meats and hope we continue to have the tools for hunting them.


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