Elites Science Projects get Failing Grades from God

The more I learn about the things going on in the highest university and government departments, corporations and financial institutions, and the halls of scientific rationalistic thought the more I recognize that God is good, great, loving, and long suffering.

(This is a follow up to the previous post, if you missed it you should see the video at the beginning before reading this one.)

So many of the elite advantaged of the world have been seduced by the ideas of being gods themselves! This mind set is reprobate, against God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. We well recognize the folly of it, but they are determined to replace God’s creation with their own modified world. I won’t even try to imagine how a world of their making would turn out, but I know it would be one unholy mess and even they wouldn’t like it.

But they imagine and have impressed themselves and horrified most of the rest of us who have an inkling about these secretive works such as HAARP, cloning, gene-splicing, DNA altering, tectonic earth shaking, tunneling devices, and nuclear powers, neutron bombs, etc. which shock our sensibilities. But they can’t enjoy these occult toys without playing the cat and mouse game of leaving their cryptic evidences in obscure places for us to find.

The odd religion these people follow requires many WORKS and must be done in ways that say to whomever they hoodwink that they have announced their deeds albeit in codes and simplistic blatant mockeries that are unbelieved and ignored by most or thought to be just science fictions.

I don’t think they have the powers they would like to have.

I don’t think they could have caused the Japanese tsunami, no way of knowing other than thinking that IF they had that much power they’d definitely show it in the open to everyone in the world and win the 4 way contest.

As Zhirinovsky, the Russian, said, the only powers that count are the USA, the EU, China, and Russia and this play at the top is driving the secrecy. Each wants to be ultimate ruler of the world and jealously guards their greatest technological wonders in this giant chess game. They bluff and posture as Zhirinovsky did in the video for the next round in the world domination.

I agree with Susan, it truly reminds me of Dr. Strangelove & How I Learned to Love THE Bomb!(It happens to be one of my favorite movies, I found it was originally planned to be a dramatic movie, but the director couldn’t get past the way the script kept breaking up the actors and couldn’t keep it serious because it was just TOO wild to play straight, so he let it turn into a black comedy that tells the truth of these insane minds.)

Yes, their arsenals are terrible, but it’s God’s created world that they are trying to control. The damage and destruction they are wrecking through wars and science in this age has never happened in history, we’ll see if we watch, we will not be fooled.

They hope they strike fear into us, but upon closer inspection we always find out that their impressive feats fall short of duplicating God’s majesty. Only if God the Father councils Himself to let things happen do they. He has the key to unlock the fullness of time, no one is going to alter it by one millisecond.

Blessed is the man whose sins are covered with the blood of the Lamb of God, the sinless perfect Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our propitiation.


6 thoughts on “Elites Science Projects get Failing Grades from God

  1. Hey there! I went and read Mondays post and watched the video too. Then read this post. What you said in the beginning of this entry about how the elites are determined to take God's world and try to make it their own,yet in the end even they wouldn't like their creation. This is a dead on accurate observation! Even Hollywood made a movie about this, Sean Connery's crazy, strange movie,”Zardoz”. Remember that movie at all? I stumbled upon this weird and very occult/science fiction movie made in 1974 on Netflix instant play. I don't recommend kids or teenagers watch it. It was very reveling and very close to the reality, about what kind of earth the elites want to turn this world into. In the movie they find what they've created is not satisfying,and some of them long to change it back to the,”natural state that it was intended to be”. I do agree with you that the Russians did not do anything to Japan. The interview did show the arrogance of the elites loud and clear! What reprobates they've become!

  2. Velvet, thanks for the sci-fi movie tip, I'll watch it soon too as I am always amazed at how consistently the Hollywood magicians show what their masters are up to for those with eyes that see.

    It really is like in the movie Men in Black that the REAL news is in popular entertainment outlets!

    Their philosophy? If they tell us through those, we've been warned, but because it is labeled science fiction we will never take it seriously. They're SO double minded that they think they can have it all ways,secret and/or/but public!

    What chutzpah!

    And in so many other ways we “goyim” are being mocked, just think of the Georgia Guidestones for instance, right out there for all the world to read, yet not many have gotten the reality of their message! “Duh, that's just an eccentric's art object.”

    My impatience shows here, but it gets so obvious after a while when every area of “modern” life shows the same patterns, that I go a little sarcastic with my observations.

    I have to remember my compassion for the misled and Christ's love to give a loving answer, because after all He created everything and watches over all, He is ever present and counts the very hairs on our heads. He won. He perfects. He's teaching us.:)

  3. Hi Musemater

    Did you see the bit about an earthquake off the coast of Libya? Not sure what happened there, but it wasn't reported anywhere except one earthquake monitoring agency in Romania had it up on a website log of earthquakes…it was an 8.4 magnitude, but no one said a thing, so maybe this was an error? But if it did occur, perhaps it didn't produce a tsunami (maybe because of it's location in the Mediterranean?… which might have been a test…?) I do believe HAARP has capabilities beyond what they are admitting to, and I do think it possible that they are still testing it, meanwhile using it subtly to keep people/nations in line. Of course, I have no way of proving that either, just my own speculation. 🙂

  4. Hi Susan,
    I did see that Libya earthquake 8.4 info, all I could see was
    Magnitude 4.9 – CRETE, GREECE
    2011 May 19 20:39:03 UTC
    located 157 miles N of Tobruk (Tubruq), Libya
    The day of report I found a chart (don't remember which one it was) on one of the quake sites that listed it with a whole lot of data lines that had it listed as 4.8 and I couldn't get info anywhere else so I thought it MIGHT have been someone got excited & dyslexiaed it into 8.4? then corrected it? Later becoming 4.9 after further evaluation?

    & same day also Magnitude 5.8 – WESTERN TURKEY
    2011 May 19 20:15:24 UTC

    Then there's this,
    May 20 (Reuters) – NATO aircraft sank eight warships belonging to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces in overnight attacks, the alliance said on Friday.

    The ships were sunk in coordinated attacks on the ports of Tripoli, Al Khums and Sirte, an alliance statement said.

    “Given the escalating use of naval assets, NATO had no choice but to take decisive action to protect the civilian population of Libya and NATO forces at sea,” Rear-Admiral Russell Harding, deputy commander of the NATO mission in Libya, said in the statement. (Reporting by David Brunnstrom; editing by David Stamp)


    Yep, I believe HAARP (and other energy technologies) can do a lot of “pushing” on naturally present conditions, drawing weather energies toward and away from locations. Of course there's the penetrating bouncing for locating oil, gas, water, minerals, etc. they clearly can do with it too.AND they got so excited when they bounced it off the MOON! They even put that on the “nightly news” cycle for the phlebes to be impressed.

    Tower of Babel Thingy? My personal complaint is that my gorgeously started garden is languishing now for want of rain, and where they don't want rain they're getting it & can't plant their crops! I WANT to blame drying agents coming out of the tail & wings of chemtrail planes along with HAARP, just MY speculation.:)

    p.s. I'll post this reply too, just to be sure you get it.

  5. Ma, they tell us in advance because of their choice to go the world's way, it's all about works and rituals and the very highest members know the reasons for them, lower members just go along as they're told with the carrot of loyalty to the group bringing them success in getting the best postions, helps for family situations, get out of jail free tokens, etc.

    Whole libraries are written on their practices and there's no quick answer, all the secret societies tie together against God's way; the Babylonian Talmud (I believe its yards wide requires a reliable translation, is beyond my abilities so I only read others comments on it), then there's Professor Carroll Quigley's “Tragedy and Hope” and Albert Pike's “Morals and Dogma” (read parts of them). Jim Marrs books, he's pretty clear & well documented,

    A nutshell answer (not adequate answer by a long stretch) is that since these people have pledged to another power than Jesus they've chosen the world & therefore their father is not our heavenly Father, so as Jesus told them they are of their father the devil. AND that jealous fallen angel revels in destruction and mockery and wants his victims to KNOW they've been told as he derides those foolish enough to ignore the warnings.

    And as we know there is no middle ground. Agnosticism is a mind game of putting off choosing a side, it won't count for a thing, sadly for them they will find they've defaulted by not choosing Jesus, but God is holy & just.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth lead, protect, & guide you.

    Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

    I guess that was a COCOnut shell wasn't it.:)


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