Bible Scam REX Features does photos for David Elkington’s 70 metal books found in cave in Jordan

This is who is trying to make “70 metal books found in cave in Jordan could change our view of Biblical history” story from
into a legitimate biblical archaeological find. This man has the audacity to say that these could change our understanding of the bible. His story is paper thin, he is pandering to the ignorance of the generally unlearned person.

Lew Rockwell linked to the story, I am very sad to report, as I find much good and useful information on his website.  I looked into the background of this story and find it to be a hoax, you have been had, Mr. Rockwell.

This is a disreputable attempt to muddy the foundations of the Holy Word of God. Do not trust this sensational reporting.

The header of the biography page for David Elkington has this photo;

This is occult. The ouroboros, the serpent devouring his own tail, represents anti-christ.
This is great deception that this man is trying to pull upon anyone foolish and ignorant of the Holy Scriptures. This is preparing the way for the “another gospel” that Jesus Christ of Nazareth warned us about.

Read the Authorized King James Version Bible, not an annotated version, not a contemporary version, memorize God’s Word, put on the whole armour of God. This is the battle against powers & principalities we have been warned about.

Ephesians 6:12 (King James Version)

12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

David Elkington was born in England in 1962 but spent his formative years travelling and exploring the Southern Hemisphere with his parents. His childhood in Australia was supplemented by sojourns in Polynesia, New Zealand and Indonesia. It was in these places that he first developed an interest in Sacred Sites and ancient traditions.

He trained as an artist at the Bath Academy of Art where an interest in the relationship between Christian myth and sacred sites was fuelled. Research for his book ‘In the Name of the Gods’ began in earnest in the early 1980s when he walked through Europe and the Middle East on a quest to understand and appreciate the mind of Ancient Man and his relationship with particular sites upon the Earth.

For 20 years David has been led on a revelatory trail through world mythology, linguistics and philology into geophysics, architecture, acoustics, music, neuro-physiology, theology and still further into the all-encompassing, resonant atmosphere of the planet. As his research continued, surprising results emerged. For several years, David has been working with Dr Keith Hearne, the ‘father of lucid dream research’, on a new area of psychology – Geolinguistics – which sees the development of language as a direct result of the Earth’s physical environment.

David began to introduce his work to the public in 1996 when he presented a major lecture on ‘Acoustic Resonance, Life and Consciousness’ at the Quest for Knowledge Conference in London. He lectures in England and Europe, has co-hosted a tour of the major ancient sites of Egypt and is a member of the Egypt Exploration Society and Palestine Exploration Fund. He has been a consultant to the government of Sierra Leone, to the BBC, ITV, and to NASA.

Beyond Elkington’s clearly occult New Age background he has made the mistake of using the same photography company, Rex Features, who serves up images for the sensational publications that specialize in royalty, entertainment, and political correctness for the grocery store check out lanes. He uses as weight to his claims,“Dr Margaret Barker, a former president of the Society for Old Testament Study, said: ‘The Book of Revelation tells of a sealed book that was opened only by the Messiah.

‘Other texts from the period tell of sealed books of wisdom and of a secret tradition passed on by Jesus to his closest disciples. That is the context for this discovery.’

The last statement about “a secret tradition” is an out right lie and fabrication! These people are printing lies in order to cast doubt upon the Word of God. The very context and tone of this article is meant to “change view Biblical history”.

Mr Elkington has some very powerful sponsors who have been preparing his find for the world to accept. This advertizing agency Literary and Talent Agency represents him. “News of the discovery broke” on BBC 4’s Radio Today Programme. The advert was very slick and again aluded to the falsehood about a secret in the Bible and even enlarged the implication into a “collection” of secrets by this implication, “The existence of a significant, hidden collection of sealed codices is mentioned in the Christian Bible’s Book of Revelation and in other biblical books.”

In announcing the find, David Elkington said: “It is an enormous privilege to be able to reveal this discovery to the world. But, as ever, the find begs more questions than it answers. The academic and spiritual debate must now commence, and this needs a calm and rational environment to be most productive. So it is vital that the collection can be recovered intact and secured in the best possible circumstances, both for the benefit of its owners and for a potentially fascinated international audience”.

In addition to the forthcoming book, there will be a documentary film about the find and its significance to the study of early Judeo-Christian relations.

There is a lot of money to be made here for the author and documentary makers and a lot of destruction to weak minded uneducated in spiritual matters people who trust the BBC and the popular press. Curtis Brown Literary and Talent Agency have set the tone for sensationalization of the latest heresy against the Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I hope this effort goes down in flames in the here and now, but I know for a fact that in the here after it will not succeed.
SAD, SAD, SAD. It will not work against the true Church. But it is amazing how stupid these authors and publication thinks the masses are! This is an incredibly transparent fable complete with Jordanian cave, danger to the prized object, and Bedouins both Jordanian AND Israeli! Fantastic!
Read more of this truly lame and pitiful attempt at “scholarly” arguments:

8 thoughts on “Bible Scam REX Features does photos for David Elkington’s 70 metal books found in cave in Jordan

  1. Great article. These new age types are constantly attaching God's word.

    On a side note, Lew Rockwell wasn't had, he is a Jesuit coadjutor and works to sow confusion. True Jesuit fashion. He is a part of the Hegelian Dialectic that is so prevalent in today's banter.

  2. I found this quite interesting, I think you will too, it is from a close relative of Mr.Elkington, not myself, although i am his son's Aunt,(Mothers side)

    Image via Wikipedia

    I have know David Elkington, whose real name is Paul Elkington, but has also been known by many others too, for many years the fact being i am a family member. To put the record straight once and for all Paul is by no means a Scholar of Ancient Religious Archaeology or a Scholar of anything else. Neither is he a Professor, a Lord, (which he has used over the years for his own gain) or have large amounts of letters after his name. He is in fact a conman to which many people would willingly state. This man has emotionly hurt elderly and ill people and sucked them dry financially. I think the uk police would like some truthful answers to a few questions too. He has hurt his own family and disowned his own son who so much would a like a normal relationship with him, but that’s never going to happen because Paul Elkington is far from normal or compassionate, in my opinion he needs medical attention.

  3. “Read the Authorized King James Version Bible…”
    Haha, what a joke. Who is it authorized by? God? Why that one translation and not the hundreds of others? What authority does King James hold? What about the version before King James…what was wrong with that one? Or the one before that one?

  4. “Scott” (not,”Scott Glodberg”)I suspect that you have a problem with “final authority” not the AKJV.

    It is my belief that the canon of the Bible was finalized for the church age shortly after Jesus Christ of Nazareth ascended up into heaven by the witnesses to his earthly ministry. He promised to preserve His word. Faith comes by hearing the gospel. If you truly want answers there is a rich history of the AKJV available many places in the internet. One is here,

    And here
    “Haven't there been several revisions of the King James Bible since 1611? ANSWER: No. There have been several editions but no revisions.”

  5. Serge, I appreciate your comment.

    In addition to my information which debunks the veracity of Mr. Elkington's & his publishers' motives and the roots of this archelogical scam, I've also noticed a second set of people who are LDS Mormon scholars who are involved in debunking this “find”.

    Mormons will argue with anyone that they are Christians, I say they are not, as they do not hold Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Only Begotten Son of God, nor do they believe in worshiping Him. Their faith extablished early 1800's on writings of the “apostle” Joseph Smith” & his additions to the bible, thereby nulling any claim to be Christian.

    In conclusion I have to warn anyone who delves into their scientific discussions & examination of these faked books that they will be reading on McClellan's wordpress blog Mormon beliefs antithetical to worshiping Jesus as the Only Begotten Son of God.

    Three (3) men; Daniel O. McClellan whose website is a staunch supporter & scholar of the Mormon faith, Daniel Peterson a member going by avatav description “B-List Academic”
    of, & Bill Hamblin who also writes on with the describing avatar of “Kicking Anti-Mormon Butt since 1984”. These 3 communicate/corroborating on debunking these 70 metal books debunking at and speak of “indirect” communication with Peter Thonemann who states, “On 15 September 2010, I received the following email out of the blue from a certain David Elkington”,….. “I replied that I would be delighted to have a look. (Possibly worth noting in passing that in this email, the codices are said to come from “northern Egypt”; in the current press coverage, they are said to come from “a remote arid valley in northern Jordan”.) I received on the 13 October the following three photographs of this ‘copper codex’ from Mr Elkington:”…
    All good wishes,
    Peter Thonemann”

    Since I was checking sources I looked up Professor Thonemann & found this;

    The Birth of Classical Europe: A History from Troy to Augustine (Allen Lane History) 2010, Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 243,554 in Books, by Simon Price and Peter Thonemann. Not your best seller type book, pretty dry & academic according to reviews.

    Now you will ask me, what could these seeming serious academics men gain from engaging in the exposure of David Elkington? I think I've sorted it out, none too early I am red faced to admitt, but better late than never.

    LDS Mormons have been plagued with the criticisms of the archeological/theological world concerning their own metal (gold) books that they claim their leader Joseph Smith was given that contained the basis for “The Further Revelations of Jesus Christ”.

    “From Wikipedia,
    Engraved metal plates hold a special significance in the Latter Day Saint movement (Mormonism) because in 1827, the founder of that religion, Joseph Smith, Jr., claimed to have obtained a set of engraved golden plates from an angel and from them translated the Book of Mormon, a religious text of that religious tradition.

    Latter Day Saints believe that other engraved metal plates exist, most of which are mentioned in the Book of Mormon. In addition, Mormon apologists argue that the golden plates are part of a long tradition of writing on engraved metal plates in the Middle East.”

    That explains their interest, but nothing I've found has changed the facts that I reported in video & blog but I did learn a bit about the subject & the people who serve as our experts & their motivations for research & rather more than I need to know about metal books!

    Yes, sometimes I DO read too much!:)


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