Nungesser To Coast Guard: ‘You’re A Song & Dance and You Cover Up for BP."

Nungesser To Coast Guard: ‘This Is Bulls*!t’ – Video – WDSU New Orleans Here’s the entire 1:05 video.  The one embeded below left out 4 vital seconds, so click this one for entire exchange shown on WDSU.

Blame Sharing Rejected by Parish President Nungesser
He says that he had “stayed off television hoping they (Coast Guard) would do the right thing” and also he ended up telling the Coast Guard official, “You’re covering up for BP.”

I say bully for Mr. Nungesser!  Pray that this story comes out and isn’t spun into another under the rug item as the oil & dispersant continues to despoil one of the most beautiful spots in the world, the Gulf Coast of USA in general and Louisiana in particular!
This copy of video cuts short 4 seconds and misses the phrase, “You’re a song & dance and you cover up for BP.”

Here is WWL TV’s report of the same tour in a less emotional report;



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