What’s Beneath? Matt Simmons 2 Interviews

So many of the reports on the oil situation are just handsome/pretty talking heads reading their parts in complete ignorance of what they’re asking or what their guests are answering to their scripted questions. Watch these two hosts in video on Bloomberg TV from July 21, 2010.   See how absolutely uncomprehending they are.  Matt Simmons tried to tell them that three (3) separate things; the riser, blowout preventer, and the casing are completely disconnected from the drilled oil well and now it’s just a big open hole that is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.  It was so plain to my ears, but they didn’t understand at all!

I wanted to get a picture in my mind of the parts of the operation so I started looking it up and found this:

The Economist May 20, 2010………………………..The riser connected Deepwater Horizon to its blowout preventer, a stack of valves on the sea floor which marked the top of the well proper (see illustration). When the rig sank, the riser broke near the top while remaining attached to the blowout preventer at the bottom, bending itself like a pretzel in its subsequent collapse. Some oil is now flowing from where the riser and the blowout preventer meet; most is coming from the broken end of the riser, which has ended up about 300 metres away on the sea floor. It is from a tube slipped into that distal end that oil is now being pumped up to Discoverer Enterprise and its attendant barges………………………………

It appears that article may have been inaccurate.  Here is another opinion:

Matt Simmons was interviewed on July 19 in a report on MSNBC by Dylan Ratigan.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2Qj6tNYMPE
Simmons said that the BOP (Blowout Preventer) was five stories tall and,  “…….What we’re seeing (on the TV cameras) is not the open hole,……… it is not a seep,…..it’s a hole in the earth caused by a drill bit operated by BP………….It’s time to say enough is enough, the whole industry is not dishonest, there are a lot of good people who work for BP………..They’re hands are tied…………….We need to start investigations by interviewing the 100 people under the top 20 people in charge who aren’t letting those 100 employees and witnesses talk”
Looking at the illustration after Simmons pointed out that the BOP was five (5) stories tall made me put together how great the pressure would have had to be to blow that assenbly out of the miles deep well up through the casing, and BOP, and then all the way up to cause the aircraft-carrier-sized-rig to explode, burn and sink. 


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