Convenient April 26 Publishing Calif Asphalt Volcanoes
This video shows what asphalt volcanoes look like and how fragile they are. 
 This link has a record of and articles links to oceanic explorations for the last 10 years.
Look closely at the dates of the articles concerning asphalt volcanoes, all of them are dated AFTER the troubled Deepwater Horizon incident began unfolding, with most being dated April 26, 2010.  Two links dated April 10, 2010, could be evidence of prior knowledge of a need to manufacture a history of asphalt volcano research as being in the open and published for general public’s preview. 
Also note that there is no mention of the Meteror 67 Research Expedition GOM Feb 20-April24, 2006, or the Sonne 174, 2003 Expedition also in the Gulf of Mexico.
Could there be an effort building here to obfuscate this research and minimize the implications of the Deepwater Horizon well environment in the Northern Gulf of Mexico’s Asphalt Volcano Zone? 
This seems too closely timed to me for these things not to be tied together in published timing and incident occurrences.



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